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110HP Evinrude


We have remanufactured more of these outboards than any other. This was one of the most widely produced outboard from 1973-1998 in any size range. For these reasons parts availability and serviceability are excellent. They have been a very strong performer for us and that is why we have decided to continue to offer them to you. They are a simple but strong design that we have had very few problems with. We found that the few failures with this class of outboards are due to fuel contamination or oil injection failure. As with all Evinrude outboards we build we have removed the oil injection. Fuel contamination can be prevented by installing a Racor fuel filter and checking it regularly.

Benefits: You can expect low gas consumption with this outboard. It is very light; weight (315 lbs) compared to the newer 4 and 2 stroke units. As with all OMC products you will have excellent parts and service availability, they are extremely popular.


Our price $6,100 with a 1 year warranty

Weight 315 lbs Displacement 99.6

Bore & stroke 3.18X2.34 3 cylinders

Electric start

Remote control (controls not included)

Power tilt and trim standard

Offered in 20" Shaft length

Average advertise new price 2018 $9,270

Any Color you want... as long as it is dark blue.

4 Cyl parts list.png
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