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There are many companies that remanufacture powerheads. 
There are many shops that install those powerheads. 
We do both. 

Powerheads seldom need remanufacturing because of a problem with the powerhead itself. It's usually a fuel contamination issue or an overheat condition. We replace your alarm and your water pump, and we take responsibility for either failure, as well as the powerhead.

Your 1 year warranty comes directly from us, not from a reseller. 

Short Block

Complete Installed

Short Block Price Includes:

  • A remachined block

  • All new pistons and bearings

  • Resurfaced heads

  • New crankshaft seals

  • Comes with a gasket set

  • Machined to absolute minimum (.10 - .20 over).

  • Up to 1 hour of tech support for failure analysis and installation.

2 Cylinder ...........$2,079 

3 Cylinder............$2,950

4 Cylinder............$3,220 

6 Cylinder............$4,510



*Core deposit may be required.

Complete Installed Price Includes:


  • A remachined block

  • All new bearings in the powerhead

  • New pistons

  • Rebuilt carburetors or ultrasonically cleaned injectors

  • New thermostats

  • New water pump

  • Rebuilt starter

  • Tested or replaced overheat alarm

  • Fuel system inspection

  • Failure analysis

  • Pressure test of lower unit

  • New spark plugs

  • All new fuel lines

  • New temp senders

  • A 60 point inspection

  • Sea trial

2 Cylinder ...........$2,980 

3 Cylinder............$3,980

4 Cylinder............$4,875

6 Cylinder............$6,750

*Additional charges for fuel injected outboards. Price is pending your crank shaft and block are usable.

We try to include everything so there are no surprise costs. Mainly, we find out why it failed and prevent it from happening again. There is always a reason.

Warranty is 100%, except for owner negligence.
All warranty work must be performed by Outboard Exchange.

Contact us here 
or give us a call 860-437-0060 

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