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Remanufactured 225/250HP Yamaha 76*

Yamaha entered the U.S. outboard market in 1984. They had been producing Mercury's Mariner outboards in the mid 1970's. Yamaha makes the most reliable electronics of any of the outboard manufactures. These outboards had a problem with a defective gasket design that causes water to enter the crank case. We use new cylinder heads on these models to resolve the problem. These motors have stayed with this basic design with some ignition and cosmetic changes for 20+ years. 


Benefits: We found that the few failures with this class of outboards are due to fuel contamination or oil injection failure. Fuel contamination can be prevented by installing a Racor filter and checking it regularly. Oil injection failure can be prevented by test your alarm yearly. 


All our remanufactured outboards come with new decals, a new cover gasket, stainless steel tilt tube, and our 7 part paint system.


Our price $8,950 with 1 year warranty

Weight 496 Displacement 191


2 stroke 6cylinder

Electric start


Remote control (controls not include)


Power tilt and trim standard


Offered in a 25" or 30" Shaft length


Average advertised price 2018 $24,475

Yamaha 150 parts list
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